Government College Kasaragod
Government College Kasaragod


Humanitarian Cell

During the last couple of years we lost some of our dear students and devoted colleagues. Some of them died in accidents and some of them due to fatal and chronic illness. Our office Superintendent Vasanthamadhava, and Peon G. Gopalan died of cancer. K. V. Chandrashekaran, Lecturer in Economics died of brain hemorrhage and our former Commerce Lecturer K. M. Thomas lost his life in a road accident. One of our students, M. K. Kishorekumar, third year BA Kannada was suffering from suspected Blood Cancer. Another student Sheeja, second year BSc. Zoology, who was suffering from chronic congenital cardiac ailment. In all these cases the Humanitarian Cell raised sufficient funds from among the staff and students and rendered them financial help. Dr. Kamalaksha was the convener for collecting financial assistance to Vasanthamadhava while he was in office as Senior Superintendent. Rs.1, 00,000.00 was collected for his treatment and family welfare fund.

Similarly when G. Gopalan was suffering from blood cancer a sum of Rs.50000.00 was collected for his treatment and a similar amount was handed over to his family after his demise. Dr. V. Gopinathan was the convener. In both these cases financial support was also extended by our former colleagues who were transferred from this institution and working in other places. All these collections were made with permission from Higher Authorities. Collections were made from staff members only.

In Kishorekumar’s case he was having suspected Leukemia and his family was not able to meet the expenditure for treatment at Bangalore. We collected an amount of Rs.20000.00 for his treatment. Fortunately, after a comprehensive checkup in Bangalore, he was found to have problem.

In Sheeja’s case, the family was very poor and belonged to SC category. She was suffering from chronic congenital cardiac ailment which required immediate surgical intervention as advised doctors at Pariyaram Medical College. The surgery required an amount of Rs.65, 000.00. Her fellow students collected an amount of Rs.10, 915.00 from among themselves and handed over to the Principal. The PTA gave a loan of Rs.40000.00, and an amount of Rs.25000.00 was made available by the Harijan Welfare department. The amount given by the PTA was later reimbursed by the staff members. The surgery has already been done and she is recovering now.
When on December 26th the tsunami struck the coastal areas of Kerala and thousands lost their lives and property, the staff members contributed a day’s salary to the Chief Ministers tsunami relief fund.

The Executive Committee

  • Dr. U. Maheswari (Department of Kannada) Convener
  • Shridhara. N. (Department of Kannada )
  • Suhail P.K. (Department of Arabic )