Government College Kasaragod
Government College Kasaragod


Organization and Management

The college is under the control of Directorate of Collegiate education, Government of Kerala. The periodic meetings of the college council analyze the working of the institution and provide directions for the long term and short-term activities of the college. The staff council prepares annual budget and also proposals for starting new courses and recruitment of guest faculty. The PTA. and the College Development Committee undertake developmental activities. Annual maintenance and developmental works are also undertaken by the P.W.D authorities. In addition, the staff council also oversees the maintenance of discipline and quality of teaching and looks after the distribution of funds to various activities and requirements.

Various committees of teachers scrutinize the plans and proposals for the developments of the laboratories, library and other infrastructural facilities, and gives necessary suggestions. The committees are put in charge of various responsibilities and tasks pertaining to the day to day functioning of the college.

The accounts of the college are annually audited. The college follows the fee structure prescribed by the University. Fee concession is given to the poor and needy students.

Healthy Practices

  1. Strict discipline is maintained in the campus with the whole-hearted cooperation of the students
  2. Students are very punctual and regular in attending classes and extra-curricular functions.
  3. Students are observed inside and outside class rooms and are guided in shaping their moral behaviour
  4. Students are encouraged to take up social activities such as relief work whenever necessities arise.
  5. They have succeeded in creating an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation in the campus.