Government College Kasaragod
Government College Kasaragod


Teaching Learning Evaluation

The college has constituted an Admission Committee in each subject and admissions are given based on the student performance in the qualifying examination. After admitting the students, those found lagging behind in studies are identified and given remedial coaching. On the other hand, advanced learners are given individual attention and encouraged to strive for their goals. The pattern of examination and the evaluation returns are informed to the students well in advance. Individual teachers prepare time bound annual teaching plan. Teachers follow conventional teaching methods; whenever necessary they are supplemented by the use of slide projectors, over-head projectors and audio-visual aids. Syllabus is unitized and strict time frame is adhered to in completing the same before the end of the academic year leaving time for revision.
The recruitment of faculty is made by PSC and the state government. The state government sanctions the teaching positions on the basis of the number of students admitted and workload. The college has the freedom to appoint guest faculty on hourly basis, as per need.
It is mandatory for the teachers to prepare Teacher’s Diary and keep it ready for evaluation of staff performance. Majority (75%) of the classes are engaged by the full time faculty. Systematic effort is made to assess the students’ performance and the feedback of the same is made available to the students.

Recruitment of about 25% of the teaching staff on hourly basis against vacant positions is necessitated due to the State Government policy of ban on new appointments during the last few years. In some departments, like English and Languages, the teacher-student ratio is rather unfavourable. Steps are being taken to appoint teachers so as to keep this ratio at a reasonable level. The student drop-out is normally due to engineering/medical/other professional course admissions. Most of the members of the teaching staff have participated in seminars, conferences/workshops at National/ International level. The departments of Chemistry, Kannada, Geology, Mathematics, English, Arabic and Physics have organized seminars during last year. The science departments have organized study tours. Geology department is actively involved in environmental awareness campaigns in association with NGOs. Kannada Department is actively involved in organizing literary programme.

The college periodically assesses the students to evaluate them. Assignments and seminars which form an integral part of the evaluation methodology enable the teachers to assess the students. There is provision for internal assessment. The college conducts model examination to orient the students for the final examination, which is designed and conducted by the affiliating university. Faculty evaluation is through self-appraisal forms submitted annually.