Government College Kasaragod
Government College Kasaragod

Dpt. ofChemistry

Post Graduate and Research Department of Chemistry

A Brief History

The Department of Chemistry started functioning since the beginning of the college in the year 1957. B.Sc. course in chemistry was started in 1979 and M.Sc. course in 1999. Now the department is at the status of Research Center of Kannur University.

The Department has produced several noted scholars, scientists and Teachers. Utmost care is taken to keep the chain of excellence unbroken.

The department of is one of the major departments of the institution. It has sanctioned strength of 8 teaching staff and 3 non-teaching staff. There are separate laboratories for P.G. and U.G. practical, with facility to do all organic, inorganic and physical chemistry practical in the syllabi. The laboratories are well equipped for the needs of all main and subsidiary students of chemistry of the college.

The department is subscribing 15 journals in the concerned and relevant subjects. It has got small a library of more than 200 new books for circulation among the students and faculty of chemistry apart from the 3000 books at the general library of the college.

The department is organizing a weekly seminar in the new topics related to chemistry and Science, by the faculty members and P.G. students for the benefit of the department.


  • B.Sc Chemistry
    • Course Duration: 3 Years
    • 6 semesters
  • M. Sc Chemistry
    • Course Duration: 2 Years
    • 6 Semesters
  • Kannur University Research Centre